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Home Maintenance Inspection

Focusing on areas of your home that will require scheduled service or system services whether routine maintenance should be considered

Pre Listing / Seller Inspection

Allows a home owner to understand issues with their home that may arise during the process of selling their home

New Construction Inspection

Guidance throughout your project that helps you know what product you receiving and to ensure you not only have a final result that was expected but a safe home at the end of your project

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Home Inspector Josh Lester #5429

Josh Lester’s interest in the building industry was sparked at a young age. Helping with construction projects, whether building a deck or building homes, this was what he was raised doing. Josh obtained his Construction Management degree and Carpentry diploma while working full-time with local area contractors. He has been working with his family business contracting home builds and extreme renovations for the past several years.

Prior to starting up the family business, he was a building inspector for a local municipality. “We have always wanted to give our customers the best product and experience available, and being a home inspector allows another branch of service for me to extend.” With over 15 years of experience in the building industry, Josh is committed to serving Carolina Southern Inspections customers with professional, timely service.

Home Inspector Zach Charles

Home Inspector Zach Charles #5944

Whether you’re buying, selling, or want to make sure your current home is in tip-top shape, Zach is here to help you navigate the ins and outs of the home inspection process.

Zach has a knack for fixing things and a keen eye for detail, which led him to pursue a career in home inspection. He obtained his diplomas in both Carpentry and HVAC/R while working for local contractors. With years of construction experience under his tool belt, he has seen it all – from leaky faucets to faulty wiring – and he knows what to look for to keep you and your home safe.

When he is not working, you can find him spending time with his family, camping, or remodeling his own home. Zach is a firm believer in the importance of home safety and also passionate about helping others achieve peace of mind in their living spaces.

So whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned homeowner, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Property Inspection

Home in suburbs with arched entry and brown cedar roof

Buyer's Home Inspection

All home inspection services are important, but one of the most expensive investments in life is a home. The buyer’s home inspection is a service that ensures you, the buyer, understand the home that you are purchasing. The goal of this inspection is to determine the state of the property that’s being purchased on the day of the inspection and to look for any concerning safety issues with the home. This inspection will determine repairs that may be needed or issues present.

Pre-listing / Seller's Inspection

A pre-listing inspection is a home inspection that allows a homeowner to understand issues with their home that may arise while selling their home before a buyer completes a home inspection. This gives a homeowner some clarity on repairs they may need to complete before listing their property to sell.

Inspection Services

Home in suburbs with arched entry and brown cedar roof

Home Maintenance Inspection

On this inspection, we will be focusing on areas of your home that will require scheduled services and system services, whether routine maintenance should be considered, or any safety concerns are present. A Home Maintenance Inspection is a good service for all homeowners to take advantage of and maintain your home and investment!

Home in suburbs with arched entry and brown cedar roof

New Construction Inspection

New construction inspections can help customers understand step-by-step knowledge of their project along the way. An average homeowner doesn’t understand construction materials processes and codes. With a new construction inspection, you can have guidance throughout your project, which helps you know what product you’re receiving and ensures you not only have a final result that you were expecting but a safe home at the end of your project.


Re-inspection services can be for numerous reasons related to any of the above-listed inspections. Due to something found on an existing report of major concern or other related issues, it’s an inspection of particular related items of concern. After all, those items may or may not have been corrected. A re-inspection can give the customer assurance that repairs have been correctly completed.

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